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Recipe Creation & Storage

Creating and adding a recipe in Kitchen Monki is an effortless and logical process. Thanks to a substantial database of ingredients, Kitchen Monki's Recipe Creation Wizard is by far and away the simplest and smartest of its kind on the web. Once a recipe is created, the unique and innovative 'Banded Recipe Format' ("The New Way") makes following cooking instructions easy and straightforward, without all the needless jumping up and down from ingredients to instructions ("The Old Way"). Once your web-based recipes are created, they can be scaled up and down for servings, put in your queue and sent to the Grocery List Manager where an aggregated shopping list can be formed broken down by aisle. Simply put: your recipes come alive!

Kitchen Monki is perfect for recipe storage. Card files and notebooks are a poor substitute compared to recipe storage that's searchable, sortable, and scalable. When a recipe is on Kitchen Monki, it's always available to you. Retrieving recipes while on vacation, from the store (on your Blackberry, iPhone, or other mobile device), or when one comes up in conversation, is a snap. You'll never put another recipe in your card file or notebook again. Simply put, Kitchen Monki's data driven recipe formats put a lot of power in your hands!

Kitchen Monki. Your Ultimate Cooking Utensil.

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