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Archive for June 2011

Coming Soon: Made-Made Meat

1. Scientists say man-made meat may be just around the corner (via Food Navigator)
2. Is shampoo contributing to obesity? (via Grist)
3. Study shows 25% of our Daily Calories come from Snacks (via fooducate)
4. The science behind perfect grilling (via MNN)
5. Make and Eat: Crab and Penne Alfredo Recipe


How to eat when broke – Monki Bread

1. How to eat when you’re broke (via MSN)
2. How to choose the healthiest milk (via Care2)
3. Study shows not drinking alchohol significantly shortens life (via MNN)
4. LA schools ban chocolate milk (via fooducate)
5. Make and Eat: Prawn and Chorizo Jambalaya Recipe


Pom Facts – Monki Bread

1. Pomegranates aren’t all they are cracked up to be (via Guardian UK)
2. Who invented the Oreo? (via the Atlantic)
3. Food and sensuality become Art in new book (via the Atlantic)
4. How much is Groupon really worth? (via Eater)
5. Make and Eat: 60 Minute Roast Chickenrecipe


Vegan Black Metal Chef – Monki Bread

1. Vegan Black Metal Chef goes viral (via WaPo)
2. What Sugar does to your Brain and Body (via Lifehacker)
3. Duff Beer from the Simpsons is real (via LA weekly)
4. Make and Eat: Ragu Misto Pasta Sauce recipe
5. Strange History of Ramen Noodles (via Alternet)


In a Pickle – Monki Bread

1. Pickles may cause… Cancer? (via Slate)
2. 10 Common Allergy Myths (via MNN)
3. How to make a Healthy Cake Pop (via Snack Girl)
4. Make and Eat: Potatoes Stewed with Kalamata Olives Recipe
5. Japanese Restaurant lets you catch your own Fish (via foodiggity)