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Archive for July 2011

The Daily Chew – Monki Bread

1. The trend of Daily Food Talk shows begins with ABC’s “The Chew” (via Eater)
2. 10 dishes not to order on a first date (via SFweekly)
3. Calorie Labels influence diners habits, study shows (via Reuters)
4. Make and Eat: Almond Ricotta Pound Cake Recipe
5. Paleo Diet: Cure-All or unhealthy fad? (via The Atlantic)


BREAKING NEWS: Kitchen Monki Saves You Money

We created Kitchen Monki to help the ordinary cook take control of their food lives, plain and simple. Many of you have taken advantage of the organizational power of the site to house your recipe collections and we think that’s really cool. No doubt, you’ve realized that once a recipe of yours is in the system, all of the site’s tools are at your disposal such as drag-and-drop meal planning, recipe sharing, and mobile grocery lists.

But on a higher level, you probably don’t realize that Kitchen Monki can help save you money, particularly when you go to the grocery store. As said by Top Banana Sam Kinney: “Everybody needs to find a way to save money. What we do is help consumers go into the store armed with a plan.”

Check out this Special Consumer Report from WPXI Channel 11 News in Pittsburgh with accompanying video and see for yourself!


Green Smoothie Benefits – Monki Bread

1. 8 Benefits of Drinking Green Smoothies (via Care2)
2. How Coffee become decaffeinated (via Serious Eats)
3. Large Forks makes us eat less, study shows (via Live Science)
4. Make and Eat: Thomas Keller’s Macaroni Gratin recipe
5. How much Water do we actually need to drink per day? (via Fooducate)


Fruit on the Grill

1. How to Grill Fruit (via Globe and Mail)
2. 4 spices to boost your Brain (via Care2)
3. How to eat like a Tour de France cyclist (via Esquire)
4. Make and Eat: Grilled Hoisin Chicken with Scallions recipe
5. 5 Ways to brew a chilled cup of Coffee (via Serious Eats)