A Very Happy Thanksgiving from the Kitchen Monki Family to Yours

As we head into the Thanksgiving weekend, we hope everybody is ready to put Kitchen Monki to work. We all plan to, on this favorite holiday weekend so devoted to food and family.

We wanted to give you an update on where we’re focusing our efforts. You’ll soon see a release of an updated “settings” page where you control your profile and Facebook integration. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback about little bugs around settings, and we’ve taken the opportunity to make a total overhaul of that feature.

When building a business like this, I like to think about the analogy of sailing. To sail upwind, you first tack in one direction, then back in another direction. We’ve spent a lot of effort lately tacking in the direction of “features” like the improved calendar, the toolbar, and the settings. We have a long list of further enhancements on our plate.

Because we like the vibe and activity that’s developed on the site, we are about to switch tacks and start working on user acquisition. You’ll see some of this, as new feature releases will be oriented towards attracting more users. Some of it you won’t see, as we pursue other activities “off the site” to promote what we’ve built.

As usual, we’ll work to be responsive on bugs and small tweaks. We welcome our users’ thoughts on ways we can promote the site.

Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving.

Sam Kinney
CEO and Top Banana