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KISS your Coffee – Monki Bread

1. KISS to open themed coffeehouse in Vegas (via Las Vegas Sun)
2. Anthony Bourdain: Paula Deen is dangerous to America (via Nerve)
3. Burger King says goodbye to The King (via AHT)
4. How to make Baba Ganoush (via Divine Caroline)
5. Make and Eat: Chicken Scallopine with Lemon Glaze Recipe


Fried Ice Cream! – Daily Monki Bread

1. How to make Fried Ice Cream! (via YouTube)
2. Woman goes on Cupcake Rage after told her favorite cupcake sold out (via DailyMail)
3. Anthony Bourdain’s favorite Foodie Films (via EW)
4. 8 Myths about Weight Loss Surgery (via Real Self Blog)
5. Make and Eat: Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti Recipe


Make Coca-Cola at home? – Daily Monki Bread

1. Is this the Coke Recipe? Coca Cola’s Secret Formula revealed? (via Daily Mail)
2. The difference between Fructose and Glucose (via Chicago tribune)
3. Anthony Bourdain declares winners in America’s food rivalries (viaEater)
4. Make and Eat: Classic Chocolate Whoopie Pies Recipe
5. $30 for a jar of Cheez Whiz…. Crazy high food costs for the Inuit in the Arctic (via CBC)


Starbucks and The Most Expensive Coffee in the World – Daily Monki Bread

starbucks everywhere (Bernie Hou, 2005)

starbucks everywhere (Bernie Hou, 2005)

1.  Starbucks to introduce VEGAN Frappucinos (via Consumerist)
2. Recipe: Double Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies courtesy of The Naptime Chef, Kelsey.
3. The Most Expensive Coffee in the World, “Kopi Luwak”… beans digested through the intestines of a furry Palm Civet (via Serious Eats)
4. Awesome… How to Make a Klondike Float (via Serious Eats)
5. LOL….Anthony Bourdain on what he’d do if he was in charge of programming at the Food Network… Ouch. (via Eater)