KitchenMonki Tool Bar: Manage your Grocery List, Bookmarks, Friends, Messages, and your Queue from Anywhere Onsite

We’ve very excited today to release another great feature that’s been cooking up in our development shop. A number of you wrote to request that we place a “Manage Queue” button in a few other places around the site. We, too, found ourselves wanting to access our recipe queue from many different pages. We also wanted to access our shopping list to add an item that just popped into our head, and we realized that new messages from other users often went unnoticed.

Today, you’ll find all those issues fixed in grand style, with a toolbar at the bottom of every page on the site. No matter what page you’re on, a look at the lower left hand corner of the page will give you quick access to your Queue, your Friends, your Bookmarks, and your Grocery List. Click on each of these, and a list will pop up. Click on any list item, and you’ll get a set of action buttons relevant to your choice. You can add and remove recipes from your Queue right here. You can add items to your grocery list. You can find a friend and link to his or her recipes or profile.

We already know this toolbar will make the site even more powerful to use, because we’ve been looking forward to it ourselves.

Thanks to all our users for the continued feedback and great new recipes. We have a pantry full of new ideas for the site, and continue to iron out bugs and periodic other challenges. Stay tuned.

Sam Kinney
Top Banana and CEO
Kitchen Monki