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Illuminate Your Breakfast – Daily Monki Bread

1. Light Up Cereal Boxes (via MNN)
2. Chipotle facing major natural chicken shortage (via slashfood)
3. Epic Meal Time’s Fast Food Lasagna (via YouTube)
4. How to make the perfect Ice for cocktails (via Globe&Mail)
5. Make and Eat: Chocolate Panna Cotta With Espresso-Hazelnut Sauce Recipe


America’s Next Great Restaurant on NBC – Daily Monki Bread

1. NBC’s Next Great Restaurant looks like a winner (via Eater)
2. Why aren’t G.M.O. Foods Labeled? (via NY Times)
3. 5 Tips for Plastic Free Cooking (via Care2)
4. Winner of the Grocery Bagger championships gets $10,000 (via Globe & Mail)
5. Make and Eat: Chocolate Shamrock Bread Pudding Recipe


Bad to the Bone – Daily Monki Bread

1. 6 Foods that make your bones weak (via Care2)
2. How to make Creme Fraiche in one step (via Serious Eats)
3. The Average Salaries of Executive Chefs are…. (via eHow)
4. Make and Eat: Maple Glazed Baked Apples Recipe
5. Chipotle to open Asian style restaurant in 2011 (via Restaurant News)


The Next “KFC”? – Daily Monki Bread

1. NBC’s “America’s Next Great Restaurant” reality show to premiere March 16th (via Eater)
2. Top 10 Meat Trends to watch for in 2011 (via National Post)
3. Mayonnaise and the World’s most Popular Condiments (via Matador Network)
4. You Gotta Make This….. Chocolate Monkey Bread Recipe
5. Oprah recommends this Wine (via Slashfood)


Chipotle vs. McD’s – Daily Monki Bread

1. Which is healthier for you, a Chipotle burrito or McDonald’s Big Mac? (via fooducate)
2. The Dirty Dozen: Top 12 fruits that contain the highest amount of pesticides (via Care2)
3. 7 Supermarket Breads that aren’t as healthy as them seem (via divine caroline)
4. A campfire necessity for healthy s’mores …. Recipe: Gluten-Free Graham Crackers
5. The meaning of the term, “Sustainable Food” (via The Atlantic)