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How to eat when broke – Monki Bread

1. How to eat when you’re broke (via MSN)
2. How to choose the healthiest milk (via Care2)
3. Study shows not drinking alchohol significantly shortens life (via MNN)
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5. Make and Eat: Prawn and Chorizo Jambalaya Recipe


Happy Meal Ban in Frisco – Daily Monki Bread

1. San Franciso bans the Happy Meal (via SFweekly)
2. Adult Chocolate Milk…. Chocolate Milk with Vodka (via OC register)
3. 6 Ways to Revamp your Leftover Meals (via Care2)
4. 7 Fall Superfoods you should look for at the Farmer’s Market (via dailygreen)
5. Make This: Giordano’s Famous Stuffed Crust Pizza Recipe