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Illuminate Your Breakfast – Daily Monki Bread

1. Light Up Cereal Boxes (via MNN)
2. Chipotle facing major natural chicken shortage (via slashfood)
3. Epic Meal Time’s Fast Food Lasagna (via YouTube)
4. How to make the perfect Ice for cocktails (via Globe&Mail)
5. Make and Eat: Chocolate Panna Cotta With Espresso-Hazelnut Sauce Recipe


Fake Mexican Food – Daily Monki Bread

1. Muy Excellente…. 5 Ways to tell if you are eating American-ized Mexican food (via OC Weekly)
2. New Dietary Guidelines for all Americans…. Federal Panel Advises Less Salt, Saturated Fat and More Cooking (via NY Times)
3. Would you like some rose-petals with your beverage?…. 5 flower-powered cocktails (via divine caroline)
4. Rich, buttery, cherry goodness …. Cherry Oatmeal Cookies Recipe
5. Top Chef Season 7 premieres June 16th on Bravo. Here are some preview clips (via Eater)