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Easy to engage your readers with Kitchen Monki for Publishers

Have you ever wondered who your readers or members really are? Today on a blog or news site, they so often come over as a set of statistics: pageviews, unique browser sessions, etc.

The same goes for selling a cookbook (so 1990s). You receive some numbers from your publisher on how many were sold. Do you know anything about who those folks are, what your readers are about?

Our embedded Kitchen Monki White Label for bloggers, content sites, and online cookbook/subscription publishers can really change the game. You know all of your members based on their online information. The vast majority of your new members will join your food community via their Facebook login, so you know all the information about them from their own Facebook pages. Think what you can learn about your reader base, how much more you can tailor your content towards keeping them interested.

The image is simply a screen shot of 2 key features in Kitchen Monki White Label associated with a dynamic member base our embedded software can enable:

1. Who has joined recently. Of course you can see all of your members via the administrator tools.
2. The ability for you to select and highlight “featured members” to build community

Think about all you can do with Kitchen Monki White Label to create your own food community and engage your members.

You can get started today with Kitchen Monki for Publishers today via our online signup for either a paid or ad-supported version. If your webmaster is handy, you can have our embedded suite live on your site in under and hour. Now that is an engaged community!


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