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Guest Blog Post: The Rise of the Cupcake by The Domestic Goddess

When did cupcakes become trendy? From T-shirts to reality television shows the cupcake & cake in general has become a prominent fixture in today’s culinary society.

The cupcake has certainly come along way from the days of Eliza Leslie’s Receipts cookbook in 1828. It has been said that in Ms. Leslie’s book was the first ever recorded cupcake recipe. The term cupcake actually was derived from the fact that cupcakes were actually baked in cups with simple measurements. In the 1800’s cupcake tins had not been invented yet so people baked their cakes in the cups they often drank tea and coffee from.

These days, cupcakes are so popular that just about every single bakery carries some form of the cupcake and not just traditional vanilla flavor. Bakeries have even become solely exclusive to just selling cupcakes. A great example of this is Original Cupcakes By Heather & Lori in Vancouver from British Columbia Canada. They have over 18 different kinds of cupcakes ranging from carrot cake, vanilla, to coconut. All with unique butter cream variations.

Cupcakes have also successfully united enthusiasts worldwide through The Cupcake Camp organization. Built on the collaboration of volunteers cupcake camps are set up on a city-by-city basis. It allows for local bakers to showcase their talent and tasters to enjoy them. Cupcake camps have grown in popularity with new cities & dates being added daily. I really encourage everyone to check them out. It’s a great way to try some great cupcakes and make new friends.

And so with the cupcake phenomenon revolutionizing traditional baking ideals I leave you with this. Cupcakes have come along way from the days of heating cups full of simple ingredients over an open fire. With today’s innovations I only see cupcakes continuing to gain in popularity and becoming a prominent fixture in today’s foodie society.

To get you all started I have also included a super simple buttercream recipe. I look forward to your comments & feedback.


For more “Unconventional Wisdom from an Unconventional Goddess”, please visit Cailin at her blog, thedomesticgoddess.tumblr.com and her Kitchen Monki profile.