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Let the Games (and Eating) begin!

It seems like it was only yesterday that we celebrated with Londoners as they were awarded the 2012 Olympics. And now the Games are here!

As with Super bowl Sunday and college tailgating throughout the fall, you can’t celebrate the Olympics without delicious eating.

The Monki collected his favorite british recipes to help you get into the spirit of our hosts in jolly old England. Of course, he is also cheering for Team USA, so he has rounded up plenty of truly American specialties as well.

Let us know your best british and absolutely American recipes in the comments. Or better yet, add them to Kitchen Monki or tweet to us at @KitchenMonki!

Good news this time around for Olympic coverage too. NBC is providing live streams of all events. No more waiting around for the prime time packages or ruining the results with Twitter spoilers.

If you’re a cable or satellite subscriber with CNBC and MSNBC in your TV lineup, log in at NBCOlympics.com/LiveExtra to watch coverage of every event live online AND on mobile devices.

Thanks to The Sunbreak for that tip! Reporter Seth Kolloen also created a website that tells you when–in Pacific time–all the most important Olympic events are happening.

Now…on to the recipes. Let the games (and eating) begin!

Best british

Jamie Oliver’s british bangers
British Beef Pasties
English Pub Scotch Eggs
Classic Shepherd’s Pie
Tyler Florence’s Yorkshire Pudding
Strawberries and Cream
Sticky Toffee Pudding with Caramel Sauce
James Bond’s Martini

Absolutely American

Good Ol’ Southern Fried Chicken
“Kicked-Up” Hot Dogs from Master Chef’s Sharone Hakman
Juicy Burgers with Habanero Jam and Grilled Pineapple Salsa from 8oz. Burger Bar
Red, White And Black Baked Beans
California Potato Salad
Red, White And Blue Banana Split
Red, White And Blue Jello Salad
The Apple Pie Cocktail

Also, check out our Patriotic Pinnings Pinterest board for more red, white and blue ways to pull for Team USA!


Kitchen Monki launches self sign-up for bloggers and publishers

As we have continued to gain momentum with our Kitchen Monki White Label offering, we have made it even easier to sign up. In January, we launched a self-signup process online for bloggers and publishers.

Our white label environment enables a fully engaged and dynamic food community to be embedded right in your website in minutes. Simply go through the 3-step signup process, select the monthly subscription or ad-supported model, and receive a single line of code that you or your webmaster can embed in your site to enable the environment.

If you are looking for a more engaged user base viewing, using, and submitting recipes, ultimately producing more readers and pageviews in your food section, give Kitchen Monki White Label a try today. It won’t take long!


The New and Improved Kitchen Monki Recipe Adder

We’ve been amazed at the number of people that have been using Kitchen Monki as their recipe solution. Undoubtedly, users have seen the value that the site brings to the table when it comes to making recipes do more than just be read. That’s one of the reasons why we’ve put some elbow grease into making an upgrade of the Recipe Adder. We want your recipes to do the work for you especially, for example, when it comes to making accurate aggregated grocery lists.

A few things that you’ll see in the new version of the Recipe Adder are:

  • Validation of capital and lower case letters
  • Alerts regarding ingredients that are categorized as ‘Assigned and Unassigned’ to a step during recipe ‘Directions’
  • Recipes won’t publish if unassigned ingredients remain
  • Easier and Faster editing of Ingredients

Here are a few looks at what to expect:

Recipe Editing will now be performed inline.  Standard Ingredient suggestions will now be given with the ability to page through additional choices.

During Editing of a Custom Ingredient, users may search for a replacement by clicking ‘Find standard alternative’.  Preprep suggestions will be offered.

During Ingredients Editing, alerts will show up if you’ve forgotten to include quantities or measures of ingredients.

Custom Ingredients (ingredients not in the database) are colored orange whereas standard ingredients are black.  Users will be able to see a running tally of these ingredients throughout.

Notification of ingredient stats (ie. Custom vs standard ingredients) also appear in other steps of the recipe creation process.  You may go back to edit these at any time.

Users now have control of how ingredients are ordered.

Kitchen Monki’s recipes are data driven and when these recipes are validated, in banded format, and coupled with the toolbar, they make the most powerful recipe solution on the web.  Give it a whirl and let us know what you think.  And thanks as always for using Kitchen Monki!


Kitchen Monki Basics: Use Recipe Explorer to find you a Recipe using what’s in Your Pantry

Many of us cook on the fly and simply stare into our fridges or pantrys trying to conjure up a meal with what we see there. After much deliberation, we gather a bunch of rag-tag ingredients and somehow make something edible.

Well, we want to make the whole thought process for you EASIER. Kitchen Monki’s Recipe Explorer has a built-in Ingredient Search Box where you can plug in any food item and have a list of recipes returned back to you with that ingredient in them.

Take for intstance the ingredient, Canned Diced Tomatoes. If you type this into the Ingredients search box, Recipe Explorer will return back a list of all the recipes that contain this ingredient, starting with the most recently added. You can sort the list by clicking on the grey bars – alphabetize them, sort by User, Meal, Course, Cuisine and Time. As well, you can apply the left-hand side filters.

But most of us are going to want to find recipes based on several pantry items. Therefore, let’s add another item to the Ingredients search box: Ground Beef….

… And now let’s add Carrots.

Voila! Mmmm, Hamburger Soup sounds perfect!

It’s that easy. We hope that this helps you out in the kitchen and saves you time. Try it out and let us know what you think. And as always, thanks for using Kitchen Monki!


Kitchen Monki Basics: Make Your Kitchen Monki Profile Page Your Own

There are lots of things you can do to your Kitchen Monki Profile Page to let others know what kind of cook you are. It’s highly customizable with plenty of ways to express to members your love of all things food.

If you didn’t already do so when you first signed up, you can go back and designate what type of member you are. You can choose a profile type including Blogger, Chef, Farm, Restaurant, Retailer, Cooking School, or just simply Individual. Find this option under My Settings.

Choose “Edit Profile” when you are on your Profile Page.

From there you can add a profile pic, add a Twitter/Facebook Profile, an email address, location, and phone number.

What’s your philosophy in the kitchen? What do you like to cook? Why are you using Kitchen Monki? Tell others by filling in the “About” section. You can also change up your “Username” and profile URL. Have some recipes in your account that you’d like to show off? You can pick and choose which ones you’d like to be featured on your profile.

Link up your website or blog to your profile page as well as other favorite web places. As well, post pics of your culinary creations or other pics here.

Welcome to you very own Kitchen Monki Branded Profile Page! If you have any questions, feel free to message me.


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