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Man of the Kitchen – Daily Monki Bread

1. 7 dishes every Guy should know how to cook (via guyism)
2. New trend in food trucks? Self-serve frozen yogurt trucks! (via Eater)
3. English chef talks about feeding his country’s World Cup team and the science behind the chosen food (via FA.com)
4. Add a little Cuban Mojo to dinner….. Recipe: Chargrilled Chicken with Mojo Sauce
5. If only the they would grow more vegetables in the Midwest, $3 Billion a Year Potentially Generated (via Care2)


5 Hours of Energy – Daily Monki Bread

1. All the rush, and none of the crash…… What does that 5-Hour Energy Drink have in it? (via Asylum)
2. Restaurants on a Bus…. Are Bus-taurants the new Food Truck? (via Salon)
3. Vegetarian Chicken soon to become a reality (via Huffpost)
4. Yes, they are heavenly….. Recipe: Heavenly Red Velvet Cupcakes
5. The perfect solution for your banana surplus for Jen at How To: Simply blog ….. Recipe: Banana Muffins with Crumble Topping