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Thanksgiving Calorie Burn – Daily Monki Bread

1. 7 Ways to Burn Calories on Thanksgiving Day (via Care2)
2. Guy Fieri Thanksgiving Cooking Tips and Four Loko Creator on SNL (via Eater)
3. How to fix 15 common Thanksgiving Problems (via divine caroline)
4. Make These: Hazelnut Pumpkinseed Cookies Recipe
5. Overweight people more sensitive to the aroma of food, study shows (via New Scientist)


There’s Buzz in the Air – Daily Monki Bread

1. American Airlines to start offering Happy Hour on some flights (via chicago breaking business)
2. Step by Step Instructions on How to make Skittles Vodka (via Top Cultured)
3. So your teabag doesn’t slip into the drink… the brilliant Tie Tea Cup (via the food section)
4. Four Loko to remove caffeine from drinks after people hospitalized after drinking it (via aolhealth)
5. Make This: Sweet Potato, Corn, and Jalapeno Bisque Recipe