Guest Post: “4 Essential Sauces for Entertaining”

Monki Bread is so pleased to introduce our friend, Mary Spada, “The Savvy Host”! If you need helpful tips and amazing inspiration for entertaining guests, from the food, to creative table settings, or to bar basics, The Savvy Host will be sure to fill your entertaining needs. Connect with Mary on Twitter @SavvyHost and Facebook!

We’re going to let you in on a little secret.  Often very simple food preparation creates the most flavorful entertaining.  It’s not a requirement to spend days slicing, dicing and prepping in the kitchen!  Though there is a long list of favorite dishes that take some time to prepare, this is not the only path to culinary accolades.

We like simply good food ~ straightforward recipes allowing us to take advantage of the best flavors of the season.  We also like to allow for flexibility ~ to be creative, to deal with last-minute mishaps, or to permit us the short-cuts sometimes necessary (if only to maintain sanity).  Lastly, we’re planners (or try to be) so we set out a plan for the menus each week to stay focused and take advantage of limited time and opportunity to get to the market.

This is our philosophy of Good Food Gatherings – easy entertaining focused on playing up the best flavors that the freshest ingredients offer.

In the spirit of keeping it simple, roasting or grilling the main course – fish, fowl or meat – works well.  This preparation is one we like to use in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter!  And, we GUARANTEE delicious results at the table when the main course is accompanied by at least one essential sauce.

Knowing how to “whip up” any of a few essential sauces will simply – and quickly – complement your main course.  And, if you’re short on time – picking up a prepared rotisserie chicken, or grilled fish filets from the market – OR if the entree doesn’t quite work out as expected – these sauces will help add flavor as needed.

We like the versatility of these four sauces – depending on your taste preferences, see how each works for you with beef, poultry, or fish.

Lastly, don’t forget to serve the sauce in a condiment dish or unique serving bowl with utensil (ie. Napa Vines Condiment Bowls & Spoons pictured right) – don’t want this special accent overlooked at the table!

We’re sharing four (4) of our favorites – all served room temperature for easy planning – see if they don’t become yours!

For more great recipes from The Savvy Host, please make sure to visit their Kitchen Monki Blogger Profile!