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Dust off the Grill – Daily Monki Bread

1. Tips for a Perfect Steak (via Serious Eats)
2. 6 Steps to pouring the Perfect Pint (via Mens Fitness)
3. America’s Fastest Growing Restaurants (via Slashfood)
4. Make and Eat: Chicken, Sausage and Apple Pizza Recipe
5. Say hello to the new cupcake…. Macarons (via NYDNews)


Cavemen in the Kitchen – Daily Monki Bread

(by Johnny Hart)

1. Cavemen in the kitchen: Neaderthals cooked vegetables and ate them (via BBC)
2. People that are Unemployed have less healthier Diets than those that are Working, study shows (via WSJ)
3. Eating in the Dark… Forbes List of Most Bizarre Restaurant (via Forbes)
4. Drink This: White Strawberry Sangria Recipe
5. New of the Bizarre: “Print” out your dinner and eat it (via Gawker)


Food Bloggers Beware – Daily Monki Bread

1. Stranger than fiction… “Bitter Feast” movie trailer about Chef that gets revenge on food blogger for a bad review (via Eater)
2. Here’s how to make ice cream in almost any flavor imaginable (via Salon)
3. Instructions on how to Braise at home (via Serious Eats)
4. A fantastic summer dessert from Mexico…. Recipe: Sweet Corn Ice Cream
5. Organic Farms fighting an uphill battle to stay productive and competitive (via American Prospect)


Foodies to Rule the World – Daily Monki Bread


1. Foodies: A new book explores the world of the food-obsessed – and finds that status-hungry authenticity seekers can put bragging rights before ethics (via Globe and Mail)
2. No idea what they’re saying but amusing nonetheless… Banana Commercials from Japan (via Serious Eats)
3. Michael Ruhlman on Fundamentals, his New Books, and Starbucks (via Eater)
4. Southern sweets…. Recipe: Paula Deen’s Loaded Oatmeal Cookies
5. The World’s 50 Best Restaurants (via theworlds50best)