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Breaking the addiction to sugar … with a trained RN

Most of us find the obesity trends in this country and around the world very concerning. There are certainly no easy answers or quick fixes, either at the individual or macro levels. But Joyce Harrell and her practice at LowGlycemicSuccess.com are addressing the challenge holistically at the intersection of self-esteem and healthier dietary habits. Kitchen Monki a big supporter of Joyce’s mission and a partner of her business.

Cooking at home, especially reducing reliance on processed ingredients, can have a very positive impact on reducing sugar intake. Many folks do not understand that sugar (glycemic content) goes up drastically with food processing. So, as a simple example, packets of instant oatmeal are more glycemic than quick-cooking oats, which in turn are more glycemic than steel-cut oats. Find Joyce’s healthy recipes and use them as you wish with Kitchen Monki’s simple but powerful software for cooks.


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