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Grocery List Manager & Monki Mobile Shopping

Tired of spending countless precious hours roaming up and down the aisles, and making multiple laps of the store because you've skipped something on your hand-written grocery list? Or are you planning a big family gathering and driving yourself coconuts figuring out what ingredients you'll need for that 6 course meal? Moreover, do you need your nanny or spouse to pick up food stuff for dinner tonight because you are stuck at the office late? Never fear, the Grocery List Manager is here!

This intuitive and innovative tool will enable you to auto-create a shopping list based on the recipes for the meals you plan on making in a seamless and effortless manner via one-click functionality. Automated grocery lists are one of Kitchen Monki's most powerful features. When recipes are in your meal queue, you're prompted for everything needed to make those recipes. Add them all to your list, or add only those items not on hand. Print the aisle-by-aisle list or send a link to your mobile browser and then...

...Go Monki Mobile Shopping! Do away with that scribbled paper grocery list because now you will be able to Text/SMS your list to a Smartphone/ PDA so that you/your spouse/nanny etc. will have it when roaming the aisles of your favorite store. Each item can be checked off and hidden, so the mobile list shrinks as the user shop. You'll find that your shopping trip will be a lot more organized and you can navigate the store without all that crisscrossing you used to do! Kitchen Monki makes ALL your recipes mobile. No more calling a relative for a recipe when travelling. No more trying to remember ingredients from the grocery store. Kitchen Monki Mobile puts all your recipes right at your fingertips. Mobile recipes employ a special format to make them easy to use on a Smartphone or PDA screen. Many users find themselves cooking right from their iPhone or Blackberry, right in the kitchen. Kitchen Monki makes grocery shopping with iPhone or Blackberry grocery lists so much fun, you'll go bananas over it!

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