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October 8, 2010
Kitchen Monki Powers Big Site Recipe Publishing on WordPress Blogs

Kitchen Monki Releases an API for the Syndication of Live Recipes

SEATTLE – October 8, 2010 – Kitchen Monki ( today announced a beta program for Monki Publisher, a set of API tools for “live recipe” syndication on blogs and other websites that feature recipe content.

Initially engineered for WordPress bloggers, Monki Publisher is a plug-in that creates a permanent recipe repository that’s searchable via an iTunes-like interface. It also enables publishers to embed recipes within their content – and provide their readers with access to powerful Kitchen Monki tools that assist with grocery list creation, meal planning, and recipe bookmarking.

Kitchen Monki founder and top banana, Sam Kinney, believes Monki Publisher can provide even burgeoning recipe sites and blossoming “foodie” bloggers with big-site functionality.

“We are witnessing the emergence of live recipes – recipes that can scale themselves, organize themselves into grocery lists, organize themselves on a calendar,” Kinney said. “It only makes sense for content creators to build their recipes on a platform that embeds such powerful functionality, distributed around the web and onto multiple device types.”

In addition to making recipe publication easier, bloggers can use Monki Publisher to optimize their content for search engines. By creating a stand-alone recipe page for each recipe with SEO-friendly URLs, the blog is more likely to be found. And because recipes are also cross-posted at, these links increase search engine ranking as well.

Using the Monki Publisher WordPress Plug-in is simple for publishers enrolled with Kitchen Monki. The WordPress administrator installs the plug-in and activates it for a specified Kitchen Monki account. The recipes entered under that account are immediately available for web publication through the plug-in. Recipes may be embedded into posts by pasting a small code from the WP-admin interface. Learn more about the Monki Publisher WordPress plugin and see it in action at

Kitchen Monki plans to release additional API tools for other blog platforms after the conclusion of its beta program.

About Kitchen Monki

Kitchen Monki is a hard-core productivity tool that is used by thousands of everyday cooks to organize their own recipes and to automate the grocery list preparation process. Similar to how iTunes organizes music, Kitchen Monki can catalog, sort and search personal recipes. Members can also use Kitchen Monki’s seamless integration with Facebook and Twitter to share recipes – or its convenient mobile application to have their shopping list delivered to their phone.

For more information about what’s cooking at Kitchen Monki, visit us at, or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter. Go bananas.

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Wow! Super impressed with Kitchen Monki. Was just saying to my family that I could not find a programme that would let me put my own recipes in, let me plan a calendar of meals, then print a shopping list. Kitchen Monki ticked every box (and in metric!) - thank you so much!
-Andrea, New Zealand
Just figured out how to use Kitchen Monki to organize my special allergy diet! It's so awesome and easy to use! #nerdmoment
-V. Valenzuela
So excited I found Kitchen Monki I could cry. Is that weird?
-R. Michals
Monki in the kitchen. Reason 1 why I need to buy a laptop for permanent stationing in the kitchen.
Whenever my 3 year old daughter see a Kitchen Monki printout she runs around the room saying KITCHEN MONKI KITCHEN MONKI. It's pretty cute.
WOO HOO! FINALLY something that isn't reserved for iPhone users! I LOVE you, Mr.Monki! I'm getting hooked up!
KITCHEN MONKI! Where have you been all my life????? OMG! I LOVE this tool!
-Dana A.