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July 17, 2012
New Kitchen Monki Online Recipe Software Provides Publishers, Bloggers, Marketers and Developers With Powerful Tools To Create and Manage Food Communities

Popular website features growing number of recipes from partner sites and enhanced social media tools to better enable recipe sharing across platforms

SEATTLE - July 17, 2012 - Kitchen Monki today introduced its newly enhanced online recipe software, which features powerful tools that an increasing number of online publishers and bloggers are using to create and manage popular food communities. The company also announced the release of its extensive API and developer kit, which unlocks Kitchen Monki's powerful software tools for customization.

"We've taken the best of the Kitchen Monki platform we've built during the past three years and tailored it specifically for the groups we see using it: online publishers interested in incorporating recipe community functionality on their sites, marketers and developers who want to customize our powerful API into their sites and applications, and of course, our growing and loyal recipe community," said Sam Kinney, Kitchen Monki founder and CEO. "We're especially excited about our white label partner program. Media entities such as "New Day Northwest" on NBC affiliate KING-5 in Seattle recognize the value we bring in helping them build their own unique food community."

One of the major upgrades in the software has been the development of the Kitchen Monki private label program, designed for publishers who may already feature recipes and food on their sites, but are looking for more powerful tools for better search, storage and display of recipes.

Using Kitchen Monki's tools, publishers can re-purpose recipe content across multiple partner websites, social media sites (including Facebook) and mobile platforms. Each new publisher that uses Kitchen Monki is a potential new window for other partner content to be discovered.

"We tell our partners to think of Kitchen Monki as their Recipe Content Management System, acting as a central repository that can be accessed through web-service calls," said Kinney. "Content re-use is effortless compared to burying recipes in your general purpose CMS. Our recipe search features can work across the entire Kitchen Monki network, showing recipe title, thumbnail and description. The tool also allows for clickthrough to your recipe's home placement directly on your site."

The consumer site includes Kitchen Monki's unique toolkit, which allows users to add favorite recipes, plan menus from the queue and shop for specific ingredients for planned meals via an online shopping list that can be printed or sent to a phone. Users can also search for recipes on the site, and share their favorites across all of the popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

About Kitchen Monki

Kitchen Monki was founded in 2009 with the goal of creating the most powerful online recipe software available. Just as iTunes™ is used to organize music, Kitchen Monki allows users to catalog, sort, and search recipes. Kitchen Monki was built to be the digital home for all recipes from all sources.

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Wow! Super impressed with Kitchen Monki. Was just saying to my family that I could not find a programme that would let me put my own recipes in, let me plan a calendar of meals, then print a shopping list. Kitchen Monki ticked every box (and in metric!) - thank you so much!
-Andrea, New Zealand
Just figured out how to use Kitchen Monki to organize my special allergy diet! It's so awesome and easy to use! #nerdmoment
-V. Valenzuela
So excited I found Kitchen Monki I could cry. Is that weird?
-R. Michals
Monki in the kitchen. Reason 1 why I need to buy a laptop for permanent stationing in the kitchen.
Whenever my 3 year old daughter see a Kitchen Monki printout she runs around the room saying KITCHEN MONKI KITCHEN MONKI. It's pretty cute.
WOO HOO! FINALLY something that isn't reserved for iPhone users! I LOVE you, Mr.Monki! I'm getting hooked up!
KITCHEN MONKI! Where have you been all my life????? OMG! I LOVE this tool!
-Dana A.