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Sharing Recipes via Twitter, Facebook, or Blog Publishing

Sharing recipes with your friends, family, and the entire universe has never been easier! With a click of your mouse, Kitchen Monki allows you to share your favorite recipes instantly, whether it be with your fellow Kitchen Monki users/friends, Facebook friends/Fans, Twitter followers, or Blog readers.

Kitchen Monki makes it incredibly easy to share recipes on Facebook. Most users choose to use Facebook Connect to join Kitchen Monki and when they do, their recipes can be posted to their Facebook profile or shared through Facebook's messaging. With Kitchen Monki's Facebook application, you can put a "My Kitchen" tab on your FB profile. With that, your entire recipe inventory is available for you and your friends to see.

If you follow Kitchen Monki on Twitter, you'll see a steady stream of new recipes each day. That's because when a new recipe is added to Kitchen Monki, it is automatically tweeted to @kitchenmonki followers. How cool is that? Or if you want to tweet your recipe to your Twitter followers, simply choose the Twitter option on the Sharing menu and Kitchen Monki will do most of the work for you. Many cooks have active Twitter personas and use their new Kitchen Monki recipes as ways to reach out to their users.

And now for the coup de grâce... Kitchen Monki does for recipes what YouTube does for videos. Yep, Recipe Syndication. It's easy to publish recipes on your blog with Kitchen Monki's Recipe Embedding Feature. Much like YouTube allows you to show videos on your website or blog, Kitchen Monki lets you publish your recipes in easy-to-read format right on your site. To publish a recipe on your site, simply choose the "embed" option from the Sharing button of a Kitchen Monki recipe. Use the designer to change the colors and presentation of your recipe. Then snip the code into your blog's publishing tool, and voila, your formatted recipe appears in line with your own content. Because of the ease that Kitchen Monki recipes can be easily embedded onto blog pages, bloggers can avoid the hassles of trying to present friendly recipe formats with the limited editing tools offered by blogging software. Bloggers unite and let Kitchen Monki make your recipes come alive!

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