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Savannah Bee Company
posted 9 years ago
The Savannah Bee Company took root when an old battered pickup truck swarming with bees rattled into my life. I was a young blond-headed kid helping my dad work on his forest retreat in coastal Georgia. An elderly man stepped out of the truck with bees crawling all over him. "Roy Hightower's my name and I've been looking far and wide for an ideal honey-making spot. If you let me put my hives here, I'll introduce you to the marvelous world of honeybees." The old man leaned toward me and winked. At first, thousands of bees buzzing around my head caused a great deal more fear than pleasure. The thought of stinging insects all over me was almost unbearable. Concentrating on the hum of the bees and their fascinating, matriarchal world helped me dismiss the outside distractions and inner fears in a Zen-like fashion. Old Roy twirled a frame of honeycomb before my eyes, so that the sunlight flashed through the honey like nature's stained glass. The intricately patterned, multicolored cells of honey appeared as a window to the honeybee's world. Roy cautioned, "Son, I have to warn you that these bees sort of become a way of life." My university years found me living in a cabin rented from a retired minister who, coincidentally, happened to be an avid beekeeper. He once told me, "Ted, if you set your mind right and study these bees, you can see the hand of God in all that they do." Following my graduation, the U.S. Peace Corps chose me to teach beekeeping in Jamaica. Upon moving back to the Georgia coast, I learned that the world's two best honeys originate here in Georgia. That encouraged me to produce as much of that honey as possible. Now, more than two decades after Old Roy passed on to that flower field in the sky, I find myself, like him, rattling around in an old truck filled with bees. I spend most of my time in our honey workshop, but when I tend the beehives in deep forested river basins and lush mountain valleys, I think of Roy. I'm thankful for that chance meeting on our little road, thankful to the fascinating honeybee, and, most of all, thankful to the Graceful Hand guiding me on my way.
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