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Angela Min
Being organized, for me, is the key to getting anything on the table, so I'm thrilled to find this website! Me? I'm a mom of an amazing 4 year old, with a less-than-amazing penchant for trying new foods. So, the challenge for me is to make delicious, nutritious foods that my daughter will like too. Well, "challenge" is an understatement! Let me know if you've found the secret! My brain tends to be "systems-oriented" and I am experimenting with the idea of creating a stock set of delicious sauces to keep on hand in the fridge at all times. So please do share with me your favorite sauces. Then, keep pre-cooked entree meats, like chicken cutlets, roast beef, lamb chops in the refrigerator for the week... all of which can be made whipped up into quick dishes by varying the sauce and side. Veges? Please. This momma has given up on it, and has resigned myself to organic frozen baby greens (ie, mashed up) that I blend in to my child's food. Well, that's my idea for now. Hopefully, with Kitchen Monki, I can make it all work! Cheers! Angie
9 years ago
After several stops and starts, I have organized all of my master grocery lists by store! Now I can load my lists and just delete what I don't need, and then just supplement with whatever recipe ingredients I need for the week. I feel so streamlined and efficient.
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