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April Lawson
posted 9 years ago
Do you want to date my avatar? She's a star, and she's hotter than reality by far!
9 years ago
I made the Kitchen Monki wall!!!
9 years ago
It reset me to zero, too! Maybe this is how old we are in Kitchen Monki years... hmmm. Nope, that doesn't make sense.
9 years ago
Looking forward to all your tasty recipies!
9 years ago
Yeeeaaaaahhhhhh... I don't know about this birthday thing. I didn't enter that info. Thanks for being my friend!
Monki Feed
April Lawson commented on Spinach Dip: "Is this good warm? I like warm spinach dip a lot more than cold spinach dip."
9 years ago
April Lawson published a recipe: Easy-Peasy Beef and Cheese Enchiladas
9 years ago
April Lawson rated Cheesy Chicken Chowder 5 bananas and left a comment: "AMAZING!!! ;-)"
9 years ago
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