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Real Name:
Carrie Von Bosse Kimsey
Carrie Kimsey
posted 7 years ago
Woohoo! Made it to San Diego!!!
10 years ago
How did they turn out?
10 years ago
Yo Carrie! You were right, Mozzarella Sticks by Jerry Seinfield's wife.... she hides cauliflower in them for her kids.... very yummy!
10 years ago
Welcome to KitchenMonki Carrie! My wife's Red Velvet Cupcakes are in here somewhere... did you ever get to try them at APM? Talk to ya!
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Carrie Kimsey commented on Chicken Massaman Curry: "Definitely gave this 5 stars...however, I had to make a couple adjustments. I have never made a curry dish before, so…"
8 years ago
Carrie Kimsey rated Chicken Massaman Curry 5 bananas.
8 years ago
Carrie Kimsey published a recipe: Thai Turkey & Noodles (Slow Cooker)
9 years ago
Carrie Kimsey published a recipe: Festive Holiday Beverage
9 years ago
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